Supercharge your CRO career with our hands on mentorship program

The conversion optimization training course that gives you the tools to...

  • Build and communicate a persuasive business case to secure significant budget
  • Transform your siloed CRO team into the drivers of an experimentation culture
  • Generate, demonstrate and communicate the ROI of your CRO efforts and teams
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As a Conversion Optimizer,
Does This Sound Familiar To You?

Your CRO team of 1-3 people are safely tucked away in their silo, running experiments and having some wins.

But you’ve been doing this a few years. You’re no longer satisfied with the occasional pat on the back from the bosses as they walk through your corner of the office. Your CRO program is treading water.

You want to break the status quo

You see businesses like Skyscanner and Airbnb whose revenue is benefitting from a deeply ingrained experimentation culture. Multiple CROs in multiple teams. Everyone involved and bought-into experimentation. Decisions made on data not pay grade. You want that.

Your career depends on it

If you can’t deliver this transformation your CRO team will stagnate. You will continue to be seen as just another cost centre in your business not able to add team members. Your career in your company will hit a ceiling, and you will have nowhere to progress internally.

You're not alone.

73% of teams we speak to don’t feel able to influence company decisions, prove the value of their work and make experimentation an important part of their business.

How do you deliver this transformation?

How do you build a persuasive business case? Secure significant funding? Play the internal politics to gain the influence you need?

Learn how on Experimentation Bootcamp

Get mentored by the best and supercharge your CRO program and career.

CRO leaders

We’ve gathered the best industry experts to get the big questions answered. They’ve been there and done it. They know how to navigate the politics, build the business case, secure significant investment, plan and prioritise the right experiments and build the processes to deliver. They’re here to mentor you to supercharge your CRO program and career.

What Will I Learn

This mentorship program isn’t designed to teach you how to suck eggs and run hands-on experiments. It’s for you to learn how to navigate the process of substantially scaling CRO and gaining influence across a business from people who have been there, done it and got the scars to prove it.

The mentorship sessions will provide a safe space for you to ask questions about your own challenges and knowledge gaps as well as assignments to help you put your learnings into practice

  • Building a persuasive business case
  • Navigating the politics
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Structured test design and planning processes
  • Using repeatable patterns for testing
  • Removing silos in your business
  • Managing complex CRO programs
  • Demonstrating and communicating ROI
  • Structuring CRO teams across a business

How Will I Learn

This is a 6 month practical mentorship program


Fortnightly live training & mentorship sessions for six months


Additional coaching sessions with Effective Experiments team


Assignments and challenges with progress tracking

Video Library

Video library to revisit past sessions


Dedicated forum to discuss challenges with peers and mentors


Certification program to test your progress and learning

The Expert CRO Mentors

We’ve handpicked industry leading mentors who have been through this transformation. You would pay thousands in conference tickets just to hear these folks speak, now they are your personal coaches.

Els Aert

Els Aerts

User Research & Analysis



Building Personas To Improve Experimentation



Managing CRO Projects At Scale



Statistitics And Post-Test Analysis



Repeatable Patterns For Test Ideation



Stakeholder Engagement & Culture



Pre-Test Planning And Analysis



Customer Psychology

You’ll love this course if...

  • You want to improve your practical CRO knowledge and become a well rounded CRO leader
  • You want to learn how to engage stakeholders to get senior-level buy-in and influence decisions in your business.
  • You're part of an in-house CRO team with 1-2 people that runs a small number of experiments.
  • You want to supercharge your CRO career and build a culture of experimentation.

You'll be less keen if...

  • You're a passive learner who can't dedicate time to do the practical work.
  • You're working in an agency or on a consultancy basis. This program isn't built for agencies or consultants
  • You're already running a large-scale CRO program and are happy with the success you have
  • You want to learn the hands-on basics of running experiments

What do I get?

Effective Experiments

One year Effective Experiments license worth £10k+

Unrestricted access to the platform that makes scaling your CRO program simple. It helps teams to manage ideation, research, test planning, documentation, collaboration and reporting. Ultimately you will save time with ideation, reporting and documentation and run more effective experiments to drive success of your CRO efforts.


Access to mentors worth £000’s in conference tickets

To simply listen to these mentors speak at conferences would cost you thousands in tickets and travel. With Experimentation Bootcamp you won’t just hear them speak, they will be your personal coaches. This is priceless as they they will personally show you how to make your testing successful, sustainable and truly transformative


A CRO team generating outsized returns for your business

The cost of not doing this is maintaining the status quo, with a CRO team viewed as a cost centre who are costing tens if not hundreds of thousands each year. Ultimately, the risk to your CRO team is becoming an unnecessary cost. This is an investment in your CRO team so that they can transform your business and generate huge revenue uplifts.

How much should it cost?

Minimum Effective Experiments License


(One Year)


Tickets to hear the mentors speak at three biggest CRO conferences


+ travel and accommodation



+ travel and accommodation

How much does it actually cost for my whole team?

This program includes a lot. However, we want to make it as accessible as possible and as it’s a new course we’ve got introductory prices that will never be lower.

If you apply before 9th November your whole team can join the program for

£3500 £4000
€4200 €4750
$5000 $5750

Need help persuading your boss? Hit register below, and let us know. We will put together a personalised business case for you to get on the course.